About Karen Dever

Karen, an award winning quilter, has been involved with quilting for over 20 years and is a teacher, designer and an AQS Certified quilt appraiser. She presently works and teaches at The Village Quilter Quilt Shop in Mt. Holly, NJ. She has had several designs published in McCall's, For the Love of Quilting and Quilter's Newsletter. For many years she has been collecting antique and vintage textiles. Currently, she is a member of many guilds, professional quilt groups, and quilt study groups. Karen lectures to guilds on changes in our quilting styles through the years, and the importance of appraisals. A new lecture on the topic of collecting quilts has been added.

Karen has a B.A. degree from Glassboro College (now known as Rowan University) in Glassboro, NJ and a Master's degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa.

When asked about her work, Karen says, "A deep love of history and quilting was the beginning of my journey. That journey spans over twenty years involving designing quilts, conducting workshops, lecturing, creating competition quilts and the publication of my designs. My journey has allowed me to transfer my passion into a new career; from the creation of new designs, and the dating of antique, vintage textiles to viewing contemporary fiber art - where each tells its own story. My experiences have covered a range of fields within the quilt world."
To contact Karen Dever:
101 S. Lincoln Ave.
Moorestown, NJ 08057