"A quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul."
      -Author unknown

Lectures and Workshops

NEW! Medallion Madness
Have you noticed at quilt shows that there are so many medallion quilts being made? I love medallions and the challenge of making it work! Through a PowerPoint and trunk show, I will share the history of medallion quilts and hints on how to design your own! Two workshops available as optional add-ons!

Tackling the Fear of Quilt Judging!
Don't be afraid to enter a quilt show... Karen will share her knowledge of quilt judging from an entrant's viewpoint. Do's and Dont's when entering a show will be discussed.
If Quilts Could Talk
Karen will share the stories of quilts from her collection using a power point presentation and invites members of the guild to bring their quilts and share the stories. The importance of documenting the stories of quilts will be discussed.

The Allure of Red and Green - Trunk Show
We will travel to the 19th century and enjoy the red and green quilts that were so popular and why. Karen will share her collection of red and green quilts with a PowerPoint presentation.

Two Faces of a Quilter! - Trunk Show
A trunk show of Karen's quilts and stories of her travels through the quilting world. Karen loves all types of quilting and flips back and forth between traditional and contemporary works. She will start with her first and end with one of her newest pieces to show how one can use lessons learned along the way to improve and stretch their skills.

Appraisal - should I?
Reasons for having our quilts and collections appraised and the appraisal process will be discussed. An appraisal will be demonstrated.

My Garden of Quilts - Botanical Textiles
Karen shows her love of quilting and gardening in this presentation of antique, vintage and contemporary botanical quilts. The presentation is a combination PowerPoint and trunk show of quilts from her collection with quilts made over the past 200 years. She will highlight various patterns and their history in gardening and quilting. Audience members are invited to bring their own botanical textiles to share.

NEW! Medallion Madness
This workshop coincides with the lecture. We will start with a center block that student's bring to class and create a medallion wall hanging.

Medallion quilts are fun to do! One gets to play with color and design with every round. Two quilts offered a controlled fabric or using your scraps. Cutting directions for kitting.

Razzle Dazzle
Medallion style quilts have been popular since the early 19th century. Using fabrics prevalent today is a fun way to update this design. Select a style of fabric, then hit your stash and add colors missing to create this stunning quilt. The scrappier the better! Any style of fabric will work.

90" square

Color Play
Using one's stash is high on everybody's list; this quilt was made entirely from leftover fabrics. Let's play with your fabrics and create a dazzling quilt with a rare star design with the latest pattern by Karen. Pattern required.

Summer Fun
Let's target those piles of scraps and create a dynamic strip quilt on a foundation in a unique way. Free pattern provided.

72" square
This is a fun quilt to create using all types of fabrics from reproduction to contemporary batiks inspired from an 1870 antique quilt. Pattern required.

French Rhapsody - Wall Hanging
47" square
Medallion quilts are interesting and fun to create. This wall hanging incorporates paper piecing, a rare block design and a funky border all inspired by French border fabric. Pattern required.

Dating 101 (3 hours)
Karen will guide you in learning ways to date your antique and vintage quilts. A timeline of characteristics of quilts over the past 150 years will be lectured and a sharing of her textile collection. Then the class will practice dating quilts that participants have brought to class.
Other lectures and workshops available.

To contact Karen Dever:
101 S. Lincoln Ave.
Moorestown, NJ 08057